UOG Professor Suspended for Three Months for Making Unwanted Sexual Advances to Students


The University of Guam has served one of their professors with an adverse action after the professor allegedly performed unwanted sexual advances on two of his students.

Guam – The University of Guam is only on their second week of classes this Fall semester, but students are already seeing one less Psychology professor because apparently this professor was served with an adverse action. 


UOG President Robert Underwood explains the need for the adverse action. He says, “Last year in 2014, two students came forward and said they were subjected to unwanted sexual advances at an off-campus event. So we investigated immediately on administrative leave so he wouldn’t have any contact with students. Then we went to a period of time where we investigated it and we issued an adverse action against him in February of this year.”
This adverse action was issued to Associate Professor of Psychology Michael Ehlert, who was suspended without pay for three months. However, although Ehlert accepted those terms, he was already on sabbatical leave.
Underwood says, “Currently, he’s on a one semester sabbatical which was approved over a year ago. We think, we’re assuming that he will return January of 2016. If a student feels uncomfortable with him, then of course we will make arrangements for that student to take another class. We want every student to feel comfortable, safe and secure. In this instance, the adverse action was on the basis that he brought dishonor to the university so we tell people that work for the university, if you violate the rules or bring dishonor to the university, regardless of the fact that it didn’t occur on campus.” 
Underwood says the UOG community should not be afraid to report any sort of harassment. He says, “Anything involving discrimination, or anything involving what could be portrayed as sexual harassment or unwanted sexual advances, we encourage every student, faculty member, and every staff member to report that.”
Underwood says one of the two students also filed a report against Ehlert with the Guam Police Department.
[Photo credit: UOG] 


  1. Unbelievable! This guy gets suspended for 3 months for making sexual advances to his students. Where is the justice? The guy should have been arrested plus fired from his job. So even if he does come back, imagine the challenge of trying to get any female to sign up for his course. Good luck UOG!

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