UOG Professor, Thomas Marler, Hits Milestone of Service


Guam – University of Guam professor Thomas Marler has reached the 15 year mark of uninterrupted service to the American Society for Horticultural Science as a section editor for their popular scientific journal HortScience.

Scientific journals form the foundation of how expanding knowledge is initially communicated from the international academic community. The review process relies on experts to determine suitability of a prospective publication.

“For this process to function, journals require the help of international experts to serve as editors of various sections that comprise the journal’s content,” said M. LeRon Robbins, editor-in-chief for HortScience. In effect, these editors serve as gatekeepers, ensuring that new submissions pass the test of originality and worthiness. “Marler’s section is labeled Subtropical and Tropical Fruit, but we rely on him for handling papers on tropical plant species in general,” said Robbins.

“I commend research institutions whose administrators encourage their researchers to serve as editors and reviewers of scientific journals,” said Robbins. “Research is complete only after results are published, and supportive administrators are a key link in getting the publishing job done.”

[Dr. Thomas Marler]

Marler, a professor at the UOG Western Pacific Tropical Research Center, credits the supportive guidance of Director Lee Yudin and Associate Director Greg Wiecko. “Serving my professional society for this many years would not have been possible without their recognition of the importance and their understanding that Guam is projected onto the international scene in the process,” said Marler.

According to Robbins, Marler is the only current editor who has been on the editorial board even longer than himself. “To reach 15 years of volunteer service is remarkable. It’s a demanding, time-consuming, and often thankless job, so many section editors last in the job for only two to four years,” said Robbins.

Founded 110 years ago, the American Society for Horticultural Science is the largest organization dedicated to advancing the horticultural sciences, and the journal has been a vehicle for communicating original research for almost 50 years.

“This milestone demonstrates that every faculty member can identify service endeavors that are unique to their knowledge and abilities,” said Helen Whippy, UOG Senior Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs. “We encourage all of our faculty and staff to focus on service activities in their discipline, particularly those that translate research for the community’s benefit as a part of how they help fulfill the University’s mission.”

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