UOG Professor Wants Suspended Professor Off of UOG Faculty Senate


After a UOG professor served his time in suspension after a sexual complaint, a fellow professor is filing a different complaint. 

Guam – UOG professor Dr. Ron McNinch plans to file an ethics complaint with the UOG faculty senate to consider removing fellow professor Dr. Michael Ehlert as a member. 


Ehlert is the Psychology professor who was suspended because of a sexual harassment complaint. Not only is he a professor, he also represents the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences on the senate’s General Education Review Committee. McNinch attempted to file the complaint at the UOG faculty senate meeting yesterday, however, it was denied because he didn’t follow the correct procedure of filing a complaint. McNinch says he will try to file again. 
McNinch says, “My complaint to the UOG Faculty Senate is that Michael Ehlert violated certain ethical guidelines as a faculty member. Under standards, this is a cause for him to be reviewed and punished. I think since there’s an adverse action, there should be no question that he should be considered to be removed from his faculty position given that this already went through the process and we know that he’s been suspended by the university.”


UOG President Dr. Robert Underwood tells PNC that the UOG Faculty Senate, although associated with the university, runs as an independent body. He says it will be up to the senate if they choose to remove or keep Ehlert as a member. 


  1. Why wasn’t this professor fired immediately from his position at the university? Does anyone think that any parent would allow their daughters to enroll in this guy’s classes? I’m very disappointed with the university’s slap on the wrist actions in regards to this sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is against the law!

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