UOG Receives Another 8 Years of Accreditation From WASC


UOG received its first eight years of accreditation in 2009 and this new term will last until 2024.

Guam – The University of Guam is proud to announce that the Western Association of Schools and Colleges has reaffirmed another eight years of accreditation for the university.

The announcement comes after the commission evaluated the university’s institutional report and conducted a three-day on-site review in April.UOG President Dr. Robert Underwood says he is extremely proud noting that UOG received its first eight years of accreditation in 2009 and this new term will last until 2024, marking an unprecedented 16 years of continuous accreditation. In it’s official action letter, the commission commended UOG for demonstrating strong fiscal stewardship, designing and carrying out the Good to Great initiative, developing an effective relationship with the Board of Regents, and strengthening first-year retention to 74.5%

UOG Senior VP of Academic & Student Affairs Dr. Anita Borja Enriquez says, “What regional accreditation signals to the rest of the universe to our local community, to our stakeholders, regional communities, the global education community, is that the University of Guam has met high academic standards representing high quality and also demonstrated fiscal stewardship and public accountability.”

The commission also made recommendations and identified issues for further development, which includes improving undergraduate graduation and completion rates, examining the academic program review process, and clarifying connections made among campus initiatives focused on student success.

Underwood explains, “We have all these initiatives going on. Just to contextualize, the national average is 50%. The national goal is 60%. Most people are unaware of what that means. That means if you went to the university for a year and transferred to another university, you didn’t complete a degree here so it doesn’t do us any good. Given where we’re at and how we compare with other universities with open admissions, we’re pretty much where most of them are.”

Higher Education Oversight Chair Speaker Judi Won Pat congratulates the University of Guam on another eight years of accreditation.