UOG Receives Four Testimonies in Support of Draft Sexual Misconduct Policy


UOG is still accepting written testimonies until March 1.

Guam – The University of Guam held a community hearing on their proposed Sexual Misconduct Policy and so far, they received four testimonies in support of the new policy.


Three students and one professor say they supported the draft policy but also made a few suggestions. The draft policy came as a result of a comprehensive review of UOG’s current policies regarding sexual harassment and consensual sex. After looking at various policies nationwide, UOG President Dr. Robert Underwood said the draft policy includes three major changes: “Yes means yes” affirmative consent between students, banning romantic relationships between student, staff and faculty, and lastly, coming up with a protocol for reporting sexual misconduct. This policy also follows after UOG professor Michael Ehlert allegedly digitally-penetrated two of his students at an off-campus event on Halloween of the year 2014. He was indicted by a Superior Court grand jury for Criminal Sexual Conduct and Official Misconduct last month. According to a release from UOG, all relevant input presented will be given consideration by the Committee before presentation to the Board for approval at a Special Meeting to be held the first week in March 2016.