UOG Research Center Asks the Public for Help in Reporting Wild Bees


According to Chris Rosario in a previous interview with PNC, collecting wild hives for maintenance is the best way to keep both homeowners and bees safe. 

Guam – To help with their search for more wild bee colonies, UOG’s Western Pacific Tropical Research Center is asking for the public’s assistance in reporting wild bees. 


According to a University of Guam news release, the Western Pacific Tropical Research Center (WPTRC) is requesting the public’s help in reporting wild bees, especially if they pose problems and safety issues for homeowners.

Problem bees would be removed and transported to a location where beekeeper could look after them.

Last month, PNC interviewed Christopher Rosario, a research assistant for the research center regarding a growing varroa mite issue that feeds on and harms bees if they are not maintained. UOG asks that you contact Rosario at 487-1640 to report wild bee colonies and have them removed.