UOG research conference to promote strength of Pacific nations

Carlos Madrid, who holds a doctorate in contemporary history, presents his research on the growth patterns of Mariana Islands inhabitants from 1770 to 1882 at the 40th Annual Research Conference of the University of Guam’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences held last March. (Photo courtesy of University of Guam)

The public will have an opportunity to hear from scholars, scientists, and artists on issues related and unique to Oceania at the 41st Annual Research Conference of the University of Guam’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Under the theme “Building Strength and Sovereignty in the Pacific,” this year’s conference is intended to provide a forum for intellectual engagement and discussions on the strength, well-being, and independent rights of the Pacific nations.

The conference is free of charge and open to the public. It will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, March 6, in the Humanities and Social Sciences building on the UOG campus.

“It’s so rare to have an international conference like this that is not only open to the community, but actively seeks the participation of community groups, scholars, and artists,” said Assistant Professor of Linguistics David Ruskin, who is serving as co-chairperson of the conference along with Assistant Professor of Psychology Rita Sharma. “It’s a really fantastic way to build connections and foster new insights — not only for cultivating ideas and research at the University of Guam, but also for connecting peoples across Oceania and forging new friendships in the pursuit of greater local power and sovereignty.”

The CLASS Annual Research Conference is multidisciplinary, providing a platform for local, regional, and global scholars, scientists, visual artists, performing artists, and students to share their research and experiences.

Conference topics will include social interactions and mindfulness, discoveries and rediscoveries, humanities, community, indigenous identity in art and science, education, and tourism as well as issues of gender and women’s empowerment.

The conference will conclude with an art show at the Isla Center for the Arts, located in House #11 in Dean’s Circle on the UOG campus, exhibiting works by students, faculty, and community artists.

No registration is needed to attend. For more information on the conference, visit https://arc945.wixsite.com/classarc41.