UOG-RFK Library Release 60 for 60 – List of 60 Books on 60th Anniversary


Guam – In celebration of University’s 60th Anniversary, the UOG Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Library undertook a project to develop a list of sixty books that represent, promote, and showcase Guam and Micronesia.
In February 2012 the community was asked to nominate a book title that shares the history, culture, literature, and life of Guam or Micronesia. Online voting was conducted from Charter Day March 13, 2012 through April 3, 2012, with ballots cast by people in Guam and throughout Micronesia as well as the U.S. mainland.

This annotated list compiles the top fifty-seven voted titles along with three titles suggested after the voting began, in alphabetical order by title.

More than sixty books were nominated. An “Honorable Mention” list of these titles is provided at the end, to also recognize those books.

Review the 60 for 60 list by clicking the link below: