UOG ROTC awards scholarships to seven students


The University of Guam Army ROTC program has awarded scholarships to seven students, funding the remainder or entirety of their four-year degree programs. The scholarships pay either tuition or $5,000 per semester toward room and board for the duration of each recipient’s degree.

Each scholarship cadet is also authorized an extra $1,200 per year to pay for books, and once the cadets finish their requirements for contracting, which includes passing a physical fitness test, they will receive a stipend of $420 per month.

The students awarded are:

  • Samde’lana Obina, UOG junior
  • Amos Dumapat, UOG junior
  • Enriquo Nedlic, UOG sophomore
  • Gavin Whitt, incoming freshman from Simon Sanchez High School
  • Gavin Pangelinan, junior transferring from Northern Marianas College
  • Bert Gabriel Magallano, junior transferring from Northern Marianas College
  • Dan Ryan Tumaquip, junior transferring from Northern Marianas College
Samde’Lana-Obina (Photos courtesy of UOG)

“I [am] lost for words…” Obina said. “I [see] it as a symbol of my hard work paying off. … I hope to make significant contributions through service and commitment to my island and the United States.”






Gavin Whitt (Photos courtesy of UOG)

Whitt, who graduated in May from Simon Sanchez High School, was awarded the Major Henry San Nicolas Ofeciar ROTC Scholarship, which is provided by the Board of Regents to students enrolling in the ROTC program. The Ofeciar Scholarship pays for full tuition and $250 for books each semester for four years. Whitt is also eligible for the $420 per month stipend after successful completion of his freshman year.

“I was inspired to be a part of the UOG Army ROTC program because I have a lot of family members and mentors who were officers in the military and I always felt the need to contribute back to the island of Guam,” Whitt said. “… I am more than grateful to earn the scholarship and be a part of the UOG Army ROTC family.”

The other scholarships are funded by the U.S. Army Cadet Command through a campus-based board of ROTC cadre and UOG personnel. The students were selected based on their previous academic performance and their leadership and extracurricular activities, as well as an interview.

Lt. Col. Thomas Anderson, the director of the UOG and NMC ROTC programs, said more scholarship announcements are forthcoming as the applicants’ packets are processed.

 Apply for an ROTC Scholarship

High school students and current UOG and NMC students are eligible to apply for national ROTC scholarships to the University of Guam or the Northern Marianas College. High school students are encouraged to take either the SAT or ACT upon completion of their junior year and then submit their applications to the Army ROTC National Scholarship Board that occurs every October. Students who have already taken one semester of college do not need to submit ACT or SAT scores.