UOG Students can Earn Credit Hours With New Election Administration Course


With general elections on the way, the Guam Election Commission is doing what they can to speed up the process and educate our community especially college students on election administration.

PNC’s Althea Engman has more…

Maria Pangelinan, the executive director of GEC told PNC that, as of last week, the University of Guam has approved a new course called, “Election Administration,” where students can earn 2 credit hours prior to the General Election.

Students can expect a wide range of information from this course including learning about the election conduct of Guam among others.

Pangelinan said, “We will go through the Election conduct of Guam, we will go over the election manual, we will also go through especially the precinct official handbook.”

The class is required to meet for a total of 30 hours, and the first class will start on September 30th, then October 1st and on October 7th.

The GEC Director added that students will also work from 5:30 am to about 11:30 pm on election day to complete their two credits.

On top of earning free credits, students will also earn an additional payment of $350 with the completion of their work during general elections and the submission of the ballots back to GEC.

Pangelinan added, “We’re trying to spend more time with these potential precinct officials so that they can get more training and get more knowledgeable about how elections are administered.”

This program is open to anybody in the community who is interested in learning more about being a precinct official.

Pangelinan added that this program does target UOG and Guam Community College students the most, but is still open for everyone else including high school students who are 18 years or older.

Additionally, since the classes will be held at UOG, students must be enrolled at UOG before they could apply for the class such as applying for admission as an undeclared student.

Pangelinan says GCC students will students will have to cross enroll and will only earn UOG credits.

If you are interested in signing up for the class, you can call them at 671-477-9791 or email them at vote@gec.guam.gov and they will get back to you with confirmation of your attendance in the class.

Reporting for PNC News
I’m Althea Engman