UOG: Students Can’t Register for Fall Unless They Take Sex Misconduct Policy Training


UOG Board of Regents approved the policy last night.

Guam – The University of Guam has now adopted their new Sexual Misconduct Policy.


UOG President Dr. Robert Underwood says, “The board approved the Sexual Misconduct policy by unanimous vote last night so technically it’s in effect now.”

Underwood says now it’s about putting the information out there. “One for students and one for staff and faculty. We’re requiring staff and faculty what we call live training sometime by the end of this semester. For students, they’re not allowed to register in the fall. It’ll be part of the Fall registration process. They won’t be able to complete registration without providing evidence that they received training online on the policy,” he states.
Underwood says the plan is for everyone to have a have a clear understanding about the new Sexual Misconduct policy by the Fall semester. Some of the major changes include: 
“Affirmative consent, which is really regulating student to student behavior. Before students engage in any kind of sexual activity, they have to obtain affirmative consent from their partner which is “yes means yes”. The second part is ban on consensual amorous relationship between undergraduates and staff and that extends to a ban to graduate students who are under supervision of any employee.”
The new Sexual Misconduct policy also enhanced processes for reporting and filing complaints and established protocols. As far as facilities go, UOG plans on beefing up security such as installing CCTV cameras, providing more security around the school, and adding more lighting to certain areas on campus.
Underwood says so far they received about 50 comments. “Majority of the comments were favorable. There were a handful that were saying we’re violating the rights of people to behave as adults but nevertheless, most of the commentary really has to do about they didn’t understand what the polices are and where to go so it’s really important for information dissemination so with the new website, with the helpline and everything we’re doing, we’re very confident,” he says.