UOG Sustainability conference to focus on regional alliances


UOG will be hosting its 9th regional conference on island sustainability beginning Tuesday at the Hyatt hotel. This year’s theme is “Island Alliance For Sustainable Action.”

Center For Island Sustainability Executive Director Dr. Austin Shelton says that they are bringing together presidents from colleges in the CNMI, Palau, Okinawa, the Philippines and Korea to build an alliance that can work on addressing island sustainability. They’ll be covering issues with energy, education, natural resource management, green business, tourism and sustainable development.

“The takeaway message from this conference will be to take action on sustainability. We all know that we need to be doing something to achieve sustainability on our island so that we can continue to thrive as an island community but there are individual actions that we can all take and you’ll learn about it here at the conference whether it is about planting trees saving energy and changing your business mindset to really incorporate social responsibility into your corporation,” said Dr. Shelton.

The conference will also feature Jessica Marati Radparvar as its keynote speaker. Radparvar says she wants to promote the development of sustainable businesses. She hopes that local businesses will embrace sustainability as a major part of their operation.

“When I was reflecting on the talk and when I was putting it together I was thinking about how sustainability is really in our roots as islanders. You know we grew up in an island with really finite resources. We are surrounded by the ocean we have very limited resources on the island itself and its really in our blood to be conscious about the way we act and the way that it has a footprint on the world around us,” said Radparvar.

Wednesday is a special community night portion of the conference that will feature food and entertainment from 5:30 to 7:30pm.