UOG Theater Students Write and Direct Plays for Upcoming Production


University of Guam theater students are putting on a play…and not only did they write the plays…they’re directing too.

Ever wanted to be the director for a play? Well, these students can school you.
From comedy, to romance, to drama, the production promises to entertain you with a roller coaster of emotions. 
UOG Student Athena Meno says, “The play I’m directing is called Honor Thy Meal written by Mariah Ramos. The play itself is about a young homeless woman who finds shelter with an unexpected stranger. What starts out as a budding friendship turns into something more.”
UOG Student Jesse Mantanona says, “Mines one of the original works written by John Borja called Scheme. It’s about a divorced couple and they meet at the park and Jack invites Martha to the park to try an reconcile…or at least that’s what he wants you and I want you to think.”
UOG Student Kim Teves says, “Mine is about A Midnight Clear written by L.B. Hamilton. It’s a story about two men who were estranged by troubled history and reunited by chances of fate so it’s a story about love, closure and acceptance. There is a little more to it but you’d have to stick around and watch the show to find out.” 
UOG Profressor Michelle Blas says the students had about a month to put their show together, from the auditions, to the casting, to the rehearsals. “I hope if anything, this process gives them confidence in their ability to make choices because that’s a big thing in Theater whether you’re a director, actor, designer, you have to make choices and that’s hard because most people like to play it safe. They want to take the safe route because they know it leads to this and there’s security but in Theater there are risks you have to take and you have to be able to deal with those risks as they come up and make choices as it continues to happen,” she says. 
The students tell us their favorite parts of the entire experience.
Meno says, “I loved being in the Director’s seat because you can envision how you want your play to be portrayed and you can interact with the actors and allow them do their own things as well.”
Teves says, “We worked with the costume designer, the stage designer so pretty much this whole show is a collaboration of everyones efforts and talent. It’s a great show overall.” 


The production will be featured at the University of Guam Fine Arts Auditorium in six showings and will premier this Thursday, November 12th and will run throughout the weekend. Show starts at 7 pm and you can purchase your tickets at the box office.