UOG to hold One Guam Gubernatorial debate on decolonization


Guam – The One Guam gubernatorial debate is tomorrow night at the University of Guam fieldhouse doors open at 6pm and the debate begins at 7pm.

The Sorensen Media Group will be carrying live coverage of the debate on FOX 6. The One Guam debate is an initiative brought together by UOG’s masters of public administration class’s graduating cohort, UOG’s Regional Center for Public Policy and the Commission on Decolonization. UOG One Guam Debate planning committee member Amanda Shelton says that every year the graduating class has to put together a big project or event and this year they chose a debate on decolonization which is a subject they feel is important.

“We understand that decolonization really touches every part of our lives here. The economy, our culture our social status and so we want to ensure that our people have an understanding of what that means and to realize that down the line the future of our island really depends on how we choose for our political destiny to look like,” said Shelton adding, “So whoever becomes governor basically becomes the chairman for the decolonization commission.”

Tickets are on sale for $15 at all Foody’s locations. If there are tickets left, they will be sold at the door.