UOG to offer $1K scholarships to high school seniors

University of Guam (PNC file photo)

Guam – High school seniors, if you’re looking to attend the University of Guam in the upcoming fall semester, you can get a thousand dollars worth of credit to use towards you books and tuition.

There’s one catch, though — you’ll have to apply for admission to the University before March 30.

Dubbed the “Fine’nana Program,” the project offers $500 credit toward tuition and $500 for use toward textbooks at UOG through FAFSA. Upon receipt of the application, the university will provide a conditional acceptance letter prior to the student’s graduation from high school.

Over the next several weeks, UOG admissions counselors will be visiting public high schools to help interested students complete the applications and other paperwork.

UOG President Robert Underwood says the university also plans to meet with private school administrators to offer the program to their students as well.

The Fine’nana Program is being introduced to address a slight decrease in enrollment from public schools over the past few semesters.