UOG Tuition Rates to Remain the Same


Guam – The University of Guam has announced that tuition rates will remain the same this academic year and the next.  Public Law 31-276, which was signed by Governor Eddie Calvo and introduced by Speaker Judi Won Pat and Senators Tina Muña Barnes and Sam Mabini, appropriates approximately $1.47M to the University in 2013 and 2014 specifically “to prevent tuition increases.” This would mark five years since the University of Guam has raised its tuition.

In 2012 the University enacted Board Resolution 12-32, raising tuition in Spring 2013 by 10% and another 5% in the next two academic years to partially offset a $3.4M shortfall in its operations budget and an additional $4M due to BBMR’s 15% allotment reserve.  The resolution also authorized the UOG President, in consultation with the Board Chair and the Chairs of the Budget, Finance, Investments and Audit Committee and Student Affairs, Scholarship, Alumni Relations, and Honorary Degree Committee to modify the tuition rate increases should tuition support be appropriated.

“The University and our students are grateful to the Legislature and the Governor for allocating funds to keep our student tuition rates the same,” said UOG Board Chairman Dr. W. Chris Perez.

“This sends an important message to our University students about how their pursuit of a university education is a priority for our island’s leaders,” added UOG President Robert Underwood.  “I want to point out that the University of Guam is likely the only state-sponsored university in the entire country that has not raised its tuition in five years.  This is a record of accomplishment and achievement, and an opportunity on which we all should be focusing.”

UOG students will also benefit from Public Law 31-237, which was signed by Governor Calvo in December.  The law grants the University of Guam Board of Regents the ability to administer locally funded financial aid programs. Introduced by Speaker Won Pat, Senator Barnes and Senator Tom Ada, the law provides additional flexibility in awarding local scholarships and allows current and prospective and current students to better plan for the cost of their education.

UOG spring semester classes begin January 23.  Registration is currently ongoing.  In the recently completed fall semester, over 3,700 students were enrolled at the University.  For more information on UOG admissions, call 735-2201 or visit www.uog.edu/admissions.