UOG vaccination resumes but online bookings are full and 2nd dose will be prioritized

COVID vaccination at the UOG Fieldhouse (PNC file photo)

COVID-19 vaccination clinics resume Tuesday, February 23 to Friday, February 26 at the UOG Fieldhouse but online bookings are already full and these clinics will prioritize those due for their second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine.

Those due for their second dose of the vaccine may get their second dose up to four (4) days early. Due to limited supply, Pfizer-BioNTech first doses will be limited to 60 per hour for eligible individuals. No first doses of the Moderna vaccine will be administered.

Walk-ins wishing to avoid long wait times are discouraged from arriving at the 1 p.m. hour. Average wait times during this hour are generally 2-3 times longer than those later in the afternoon or early evening.

Upon arrival, individuals 70 years and older will be sent to the front of the line. Please bring a digital or hard copy appointment confirmation, a photo ID, and proof of Guam residency (Guam Driver’s License, Guam ID, Green Card, US or FSM Passport, H1B or H2B visas for skilled workers). Those due for their second dose are reminded to bring their COVID-19 immunization card. This ensures quicker processing and proper documentation.

(JIC Release No. 580)