Up to over 6 inches of rain possible this week

(PNC file photo)

Guam is looking at occasional heavy showers and thunderstorms for much of this week and up to over six inches of rain is possible, according to the National Weather Service.

On NewsTalk K57 Monday morning, Brandon Aydlett, a meteorologist with National Weather Service Guam, confirmed that it’s going to be a wet week.

According to the Weather Service’s latest projections, expect rainfall amounts ranging from 2.5 inches to over 6 inches during the week, with the heaviest rainfall likely on Tuesday through Thursday.

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Aydlett said slightly stronger winds of 10 to 20 miles per hour are also expected this week.

He added, “Some of the models are predicting around 2 inches of rain through Wednesday, Thursday but ultimately the heaviest rainfall is shaping up for Tuesday till early Wednesday.”

NWS says that localized flooding will be possible in low-lying and poor drainage areas. Residents and visitors are advised to take precautionary actions now by clearing drainage areas and unblocking clogged storm drains to minimize the chance of flooding.