UPDATE: IT&E Pinpoints Cause of Cable Damage


The latest news out of IT&E has finally pinpointed the official cause of the break in the undersea cable.

Guam –  IT&E has determined that the cause of the break was the result of harsh conditions brought on by a series of typhoons. IT&E crews, along with a subcontractor repaired the cable on Sunday and have begun restoring traffic back to the cable. Full restoration is expected early morning Wednesday, July 29th, according to IT&E. IT&E says the initial restoration brought high speed internet back to Saipan however, customers may still experience temporary service interruptions as progress towards full restoration is achieved. PTI CEO Jim Oeherking gives an idea about when things go back to “normal.”


 “In relative terms, on Guam we migrated, I think we provided 900, free service packages, or free phone packages to migrate people up to our 4g network with Ericson, our technology partner to make sure we can optimize network performance with the sort of large influx of people we’ve migrated onto the 4G network, but were working on some of those issues but from the undersea cable standpoint we’ve restored all the connectivity on the undersea cable,” said Oehlerking


 Oehlerking says IT&E is working on some sort of quote “credit package” for customers who have been affected. He says the details will be released at a later time.