Okkodo vaccination clinic swamped; some diverted to GRMC

Long line at Okkodo vaccination clinic today, Thursday, Jan 7, 2021. (PNC photo by Mo Jones)

Long lines were seen at the vaccination clinic in Okkodo High school early Thursday morning.

By 11 am, car lines were stretched all the way to Route 1.

According to DPHSS spokesperson Janela Carrera, there were designated times under Phase 1A for healthcare personnel to receive their second dosage of the vaccine.

But because most of the elderly were already present at the clinic, Public Health decided to accommodate them before their designated time as they did not want them to wait too long.

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PNC had received calls and complaints from the elderly who were waiting in their cars for 3 hours straight, only to be turned away by the Guam Police Department as the clinic already reached its cut-off time of 12 pm.

Because of the long line at Okkodo, Carrera said some of those wanting to get vaccination were diverted by Public Health to GRMC.