Update: Police release details in the apprehension of kidnapping suspect



Guam – Details surrounding the arrest of kidnapping suspect Brian Kevin Cruz have been released as Police detail how they apprehended him and that Cruz was in possession of ice and other drugs.

Piatra Tuncap was reported kidnapped on Friday August 31st after surveillance footage revealed that she was taken against her will outside her Chalan Pago home by Brian Kevin Cruz who was reportedly her boyfriend.

That footage was shared on social media as family members and friends sought the community’s help in locating the victim.

The next day Tuncap’s family was able to locate her in Chalan Pago, in dire need of medical attention. As you may recall, Tuncap was allegedly beat beyond recognition, it now appears that Cruz also sexually assaulted her while she was held captive.

With Tuncap in the safety of family, authorities gave their full attention in locating Cruz who eluded police for nearly two days. It wasn’t until Monday that police caught the break they needed indicating that Cruz was seen at a gas station in Agat operating a silver SUV. The vehicle he used to kidnap Tuncap was discovered the day prior abandoned at Tagachang Beach with the interior burned. It now appears that Cruz stole the silver SUV and placed a fraudulent license plate on the vehicle in his attempt to run from police.

Following the first sighting, SWAT officers saw Cruz motoring in Hagatana and attempted to pull him over. However, Cruz was not going to go down willingly. Police Spokesperson Sgt Paul Tapao states that’s when Cruz sped off in an attempt to elude police officers. But as with all car chases they eventually come to an end, and this chase ended in Yona. In taking Cruz into custody police say he was in the possession of a schedule two controlled substance and a schedule three controlled substance.

Cruz was then transported to GPD headquarters in Tiyan where he was questioned by the Domestic Assault Response Team. According to police Cruz’s attempt in eluding police was not only prompted by this latest incident as he also had an outstanding bench warrant for his arrest.

Cruz was arrested for the following offenses, Kidnapping; Aggravated Assault; Terrorizing; Family Violence; Assault; Felonious Restraint; Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st and 2nd Degree; Resisting Arrest; Eluding a Police Officer; Theft of a Motor Vehicle;
Fraudulent Use of a License Plate; Illegal Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance; Illegal Possession of a Schedule III Controlled Substance and Outstanding Bench Warrant.

He was booked and confined.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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