Updates from the Emergency Rental Assistance and Homeowners Assistance Fund Program


Updates were provided during their monthly meeting, held yesterday, by the Emergency Rental Assistance and Homeowners Assistance Fund Program

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Yesterday, during an interagency on Homelessness and Office of Homelessness Assistance and Poverty Prevention meeting the emergency rental assistance program has reported that to date they have received 6,878 applications and almost four thousand of them have been deemed eligible and 3,898 has been processed.

According to ERA’s Assistant Program Manager, Viki Lindlau, their relocation numbers have decreased from 100 last month to 3. Saying that they have disqualified applicants this week due to lack of response, turning in applications or lease agreements that will help further them into the process, but if they do come back with proper documentation, they are welcome to apply again.

They currently have 21 people in displacement and most of them are staying in the grand plaza hotel.

Viki Lindlau, Emergency Rental Assistance program manager stated, “Happy to report that we only have 21 left in displacements.”

Along with the rental assistance program, the homeowner’s Assistance Fund Program has received 1,250 applications, 800 have been processed, and had received a total of 3 million dollars

Audrey Topasna, Director of the Homeowners Assistance Fund program stated, “We continue to of course process applications that are approved for a mortgage, utilities, and or property tax.”

Moreover, 46 eligible homeowners have maxed the relief funding assistance.
According to Audrey Topasna, Cycle 2 has closed and at this time cycle, 3 applications are up and running but currently have no deadline.

For homeowners who are needing assistance to contact their office and they will be added to a call back list and their staff will start reaching out to homeowners on that list to set up appointments added Audrey

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