Updates on Governor Leon Guerrero’s State Of The Island Address


Last night Governor Lou Leon Guerrero held her State of the Island Address, where she talked about a variety of topics ranging from the Pandemic, economy, and local benefits such as Prugraman Salapi to name a few.

Here’s PNC’s Don Sulat with the breakdown of the Governor’s Speech.

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Governor Leon Guerrero addressed several issues and concerns during her state of the island address, one of them being the island’s economy.

With prices increasing and affecting the island’s cost of living, the Governor reported that she is working with the Legislature, to at least alleviate the cost for GPA Rate Payers. she stated and quoted, “Working with Senator Joe San Agustin and the Committee on appropriations, we are proposing that every residential ratepayer on Guam receive a monthly credit of $100 to immediately offset the cost of power for each of the next 5 months.”

As for the total figure for the $100 credit for GPA Ratepayers, the Governor reported during an interview on NewsTalk K57 with Patti Arroyo, that it would be around $24-$25M total cast to be paid to the Guam Power Authority.

Moreover, in order to further help those that need aid, the Governor said Prugraman Salappe’ will continue. “We are extending our Prugraman Salappe’ to give each person that qualifies $500 in new aid.” she also added, “If you qualified for round 2 of Prguraman Salappe, you don’t have to do anything, you’ll automatically get a $500 check in the same manner. Those who did not apply for round two – can still get this $500 by applying for Prugraman Salappe’ 3.”

Another extended program is Prugraman Pinilan, in which according to the Governor the threshold has increased by 300%, which would include more middle-class families for the aid.

Moreover, during her interview on NewsTalk K57, Governor reported that the funds will come from the community block grant.

The Governor also expanded on the remaining American Rescue Plan funds and where they are being allocated to.

Such as Prugraman Salapi 3, and her free trash announcement, the investment for the year’s worth of free trash for qualified households is $12M of ARP funds.

However, the Governor’s proposals and plans during her state of the island address were met with criticism.

Such as Senator James Moylan, who responded with a public statement saying, “The Governor spoke about utilizing an artificial surplus to assist families with power bills, yet these are the same funds her finance team urged lawmakers not to touch recently as they may not actually exist. Once again, we need plans and not political rhetoric.”