Guam Democrats Urge Former Governor Gutierrez to Drop Out of the OPA Race


Guam – Democratic Party Leaders have sent a letter to former Governor Carl Gutierrez urging him to drop out of the race for the Public Auditor and stump instead for Guam’s Democratic Party candidates in the November election.

The letter is dated Wednesday September 12. 

READ the letter from the Democratic Party to former Governor Gutierrez HERE

It is signed by Acting Democratic Party Chairperson Gloria Nelson, Speaker Judi Won Pat, Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz and fellow Senators Tina Muna-Barnes and Rory Respicio.

“Now more than ever, we need your participation,” states the letter to Gutierrez, which goes on to say that “In order for democratic candidates to succeed this year in Guam, your personal and involved leadership to activate and energize the democratic base and bring voters out for the general election is needed.” 

The Democratic Leaders say they have “excellent candidates” and they believe they have “the opportunity to defend and expand their democratic majority in the Legislature.”

But, they also warn “our opposition is formidable and in order for our party to win, we must work aggressively together.” 

Former Governor Gutierrez has declined comment. But Democratic Party Executive Director, Carlo Branch, says Gutierrez will make his decision by noon Friday.

However, in the meantime, Branch says that Gutierrez will still be filing his police clearance and financial statement with the GEC for the OPA race, no matter what his final decision is on whether he’ll remain in the race.  

Gutierrez filed his Police and Court clearance records Thursday, but he has not yet filed his financial clearance.

READ former Governor Gutierrez’s Police and Court Clearances HERE