US Attorney General intends to ask court to dismiss H2B lawsuit


There has been a near 100 percent denial of H2B visa applications in recent months which could potentially cause some companies to shut down.

Guam – US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in response to the Guam Contractors Association lawsuit over H2B visa denials, says the federal government will be seeking a dismissal of the case.


Attorney for the Department of Justice Vinita Andrapalliyal today filed a motion to stay GCA’s move to certify the case as a class action lawsuit.


GCA and several other local companies filed suit against the federal government over the denial of H2B visas in recent months that has caused a severe shortage of foreign labor on Guam.


In court papers, the federal government wants to hold in abeyance the class certification because “defendants intend to file a motion to dismiss all of plaintiffs’ claims in the complaint in their entirety.”


Attorney Andrapalliyal suggests that class certification should not be granted because there is a potential for the case to resolve in the event the District Court of Guam grants the motion to dismiss.


You can read the federal government’s motion by clicking on the file below.