VIDEO: U.S. DOL to Oversee Run-Off Election for GFT President


Guam – A run-off election will be held for the Guam Federation of Teachers Union President Seat before May 15, 2012.


The run-off was announced by GFT on Friday as part of an agreement with the U.S. Department of Labor following a lawsuit challenging the February 2011 Election for Officers.

GFT President Matt Rector says GFT agreed to the run-off because mailers announcing the election left out the word “or” when announcing polling locations.

“The only issue was the seven sights where the volunteers said they were gonna come and conduct the election the night before didn’t come and pick up the package. So that was the only issue we disenfranchised about 135 members and in our election notice if we just would have put the word ‘or’ you can vote at your site ‘or’ at the GFT office we would have been fine.”

GFT Member Carol Taitano Somerfleck, who filed the election complaints, says she wants to the see the details of the U.S. Department of Labor’s agreement with GFT because she believes there is more than one reason why a new election was called.

“The word ‘or?’ Come on not that, that’s nothing at all what the Department of Labor is talking about” Somerfleck said. “The letter of findings would go to list all the violations that they agree need to be corrected… I ask Mr. Rector, show everyone the letter.”