U.S. EPA & GWA Ordered to “Work Together”


Guam – District Court Judge Francis Tydingco-Gatewood has ordered the Guam Waterworks Authority and the U.S. EPA to “work together” and draft a proposed plan to complete the outstanding projects that remain under the 7 year old Stipulated Order meant to bring GWA into compliance with the Clean Water Act.

Following Wednesday Quarterly Status Hearing, the Judge concluded that “In large part, GWA’s non-compliance has been because of financial constraints. However GWA has now informed the Court that the necessary financing has been secured which will enable GWA to complete most of the remaining work to be done under the Stipulated Order.”

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The Judge wants the plan to include “achievable” deadlines for completion of the outstanding projects which include finishing the Sinajana water transmission line and the assessment and repair of the island’s drinking water tanks.

She has ordered the parties to file the the proposed plan by December 15th.

If GWA and U.S. EPA can not agree on a timeline for completion they are then ordered to file separate briefs by the same date setting forth their individual views of the projects in question and what they believe should be done and by what date the work should be completed.