U.S. EPA & GWA Unable to Reach Agreement on Priority Projects


Guam -The Guam Waterworks Authority and the U.S. EPA have failed to reach a final agreement on a priority list of projects that need to be completed in order to bring the water authority into compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act.

At the last Quarterly Status Hearing on November 17th, District Court Judge Francis Tydingco-Gatewood had order the 2 sides to work together to draft a plan to complete the projects required by the stipulated order.

Today, Wednesday, was the deadline to submit that plan or submit briefs explaining why no agreement could be reached.

No agreement was reached.

In its brief to the Court, the U.S. EPA says they were able to reach agreement on certain projects, but not on others. In particular, the U.S. was unable to reach agreement with GWA on the projects that U.S. EPA regards as “High Priority”.

In particular, the U.S. brief states that they were unable to reach agreement with GWA on the Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant [NWWTP].  The U.S. EPA “sets forth a 3 part compliance plan” with what it calls “achievable deadlines” for GWA to restore Primary treatment capacity to the NWWTP.

GWA did not agree.

Read the U.S. EPA’s response

In its brief to the Court, GWA argues that the U.S. EPA’s plan “exceeds the scope and intent of the Court’s orders, because it goes beyond the remaining 6 stipulated orders by adding 30 additional projects.

GWA also asserts that all of the additional projects proposed by U.S. EPA are “long term projects as opposed to ‘immediate’ public health issues.”

Read GWA’s response