U.S. EPA Will Require “Radiation Analyses” on All Dredged Apra Harbor Sediment


Guam – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Associate Director of the Water Division has assured Vice Speaker B.J  Cruz that “radiation analyses” will be required on all dredged sediment from Apra Harbor before it is dumped in the deep ocean disposal site west of Apra Harbor.

Woo states that the sediment will be “sampled down to the proposed dredging depth (plus an extra margin, typically 2 additional feet.). Woo’s letter  does not refer to the testing as “deep core” testing.

However in a release, Vice Speaker Cruz says he takes Woo’s letter as an assurance that “U.S. EPA will require radiation of deep core samples taken from Apra Harbor.”

Cruz has repeatedly called for deep core testing “given the Navy’s history of leaking radiation into Apra Harbor.”  Cruz argues that sediment testing is insufficient for determining the presence of radioactive material in the harbor.

Read letter from EPA’s Woo to Cruz affirming that radiation testing will be done on all dredged sediment from Apra Habor

On a number of occasions over the past year the Vice Speaker says he has urged both EPA and DoD to conduct such testing rather than mere surface testing.

In the release, the Vice Speaker also said he is concerned that the assurances of deep core testing given to him by U.S. EPA will not be included in the Record of Decision. He says he has written to JGPO Director David Bice and U.S. EPA Water Division Associate Director Nancy Woo and asked them to include the requirement for core sample testing in the Record of Decision.

Read Cruz’s letter to Woo asking for inclusion of  U.S. EPA assurance of deep core testing in ROD          

Read Cruz’s letter to Bice asking for inclusion of  U.S. EPA assurance of deep core testing in ROD

The Record of Decision will be released early Tuesday morning Guam time.