US-EPA Reverses Its Stance on Buildup EIS


The United States Environmental Protection Agency has reversed their position on the Environmental Impact Statement.


While the USEPA gave the Draft Environmental Impact Statement the worst rating possible labeling it unsatisfactory and inadequate they have found that the Final Environmental Impact Statement is adequate. US-EPA pacific islands office manager John McCarroll says they submitted their comments last week Friday.

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“In a nutshell EPA is saying there has been enough progress since the time of the Draft EIS that EPA is considering this acceptable and satisfactory and EPA would further say that it is satisfactory as long as DOD is able to do the follow-up that is mentioned in the FEIS specifically the adaptive program management and seeking funding for a lot of the infrastructure needs,” explained McCarroll. He adds that at this point US-EPA is not going to be referring the FEIS to the Whitehouse Council on Environmental Quality.