US Naval Hospital Guam Galley Closes to Unauthorized Patrons


Agana Heights, Guam – (March 31) – On April 21 the U.S. Naval Hospital Guam’s galley will become a “closed” galley. 

The galley will only be open to inpatients and persons who work in the hospital and carry a hospital identification badge including active duty staff, Civil Service and contract employees, and Red Cross Volunteers. Escorted family members of active duty personnel or those with temporary orders to the hospital, such as Reservists, will also be authorized to use the galley.  

The closed galley concept aligns with the Commander Naval Installations Instruction (CNICINST) 4061.1 that states, “A Shore Galley is defined as a food service operation on a Navy Installation that is funded through appropriated dollars for the purpose of providing meals to Active Duty Sailors. Due to the cost of providing galley service through appropriated funds, the Navy does not allow unlimited galley access to all personnel who work or have daily access to Navy installations.” 

U.S. Navy Galley’s are a part of the Navy’s Fleet and Family Readiness Program with the purpose of providing Sailors and other authorized patrons the very best meals and service possible.  

“Although Navy galleys were “closed” years ago, the Naval Hospital continued operations in order to provide meals to inpatients. As we transition to the new facility we will align with Navy policy for patronage at a shore galley,” said Capt. Jeff Plummer, the hospital’s commanding officer.
The replacement hospital provides 42 beds, four operating rooms, two C-Section rooms, and improved diagnostic and ancillary capabilities to include MRI and CT scanning suites.

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