U.S. Supreme Court Rules Vet Can Sue Feds Over Alleged Unauthorized Cataract Surgery at Guam’s Naval Hospital


Guam – The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a veteran who has sued the Federal Government claiming that a Navy Doctor performed  cataract surgery on him at Guam’s Naval Hospital, without his consent.

Steven Alan Levin sued the federal Government in 2003 alleging negligence claiming the surgery damaged his vision.

The American Bar Association Journal reports that the Supreme Court ruled that the Federal Government has no immunity and Levin’s lawsuit is allowed under “the federal Gonzalez Act, which governs suits for medical malpractice by medical personnel of the armed forces” which “overrides the government’s immunity from suits for battery and other intentional torts.”

READ the report on the SCOTUS ruling on the ABA website HERE

The Supreme Court issued its ruling Monday.