USCG “Big Blue” UPDATE: All Known Oil Products Removed


Guam –  Guam Shipyard’s around-the-clock dewatering operations have been successful so far.  To date, approximately 11,000 gallons of diesel fuel and over 97,000 gallons of oily waste water have been removed from “Big Blue’s” starboard side machinery space.  With the oily waste water removed, workers are now able to work safely in the machinery space of the drydock.  

On Sunday, workers were able to safely reach the last known remaining fuel sources aboard the drydock: a lube oil tank and a sludge tank. Once the transfer lines were tested, transfers immediately began on both tanks leading to the removal of 100 gallons of lubricant oil from the lube oil tank and another 717 gallons of waste oil from the sludge tank. Now that these tanks are confirmed empty, Guam Shipyard workers are moving forward to clean the diesel engine and internal pumping equipment which will aid in the salvage of the drydock. The whole process will include two complete wash downs of all the machinery with freshwater prior to any repairs.

Activities below the water are also underway, as dive operations have begun to reestablish water tight integrity of other spaces still submerged underwater. Divers will be surveying the drydock for stability and closing manifold covers as dewatering other compartments of the “Big Blue” moves forward.  

Even though all known oil products have been transferred off the drydock at this time, Coast Guard Sector Guam and the Pacific Strike Team continue to closely monitor other compartments of “Big Blue” for any signs of oil as dewatering continues.  

To report any debris or signs of oil in the water around the “Big Blue” site, call the Sector Guam Command Center at (671)564-USCG.