Coast Guard Cutter Washington Conducts Boating Safety Operation in Saipan, Attends Pika Fest in Tinian


Guam – The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Washington, a 110-foot patrol boat, recently conducted a boating safety operation in Saipan and attended Tinian’s 9th Annual Pika Festival.
The boating safety operation consisted of 13 law enforcement boardings in Tanapag Harbor to ensure vessels had all necessary safety equipment.  One of these boardings uncovered a small vessel operating without lifejackets.  As a result, Washington’s crew sent the vessel back to the marina.

Washington’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Nate MacKenzie, stated “Our main goal for patrols like these is to keep people safe while they are on the water.  We check safety gear to make sure people will have it when they need it.  No one ever plans on getting into trouble in a boat, so it is important that people have the right equipment every time they go out.”

Upon completing their boating safety mission, Washington’s crew represented the Coast Guard at Tinian’s Pika Festival.  This annual celebration honors the donni sali, a small, hot pepper indigenous to Tinian.

The crew enjoyed the donni sali and other local delicacies, but also took time to visit the historic sights on the island.  Tinian is full of both World War II and local history.

During the visit, Fireman Ryan Due noted, “Tinian is the only place you can get a pepper as hot as the donni sali and see all of these relics from World War II just scattered throughout the jungle.  It is a really cool place.”