U.S. DOE Commends Role of Guam DOE Internal Auditors Who Helped Ensure Flow of Federal Funds


Guam – U.S. DOE Risk Management Service Director Philip Maestri has written letters of commendation to Guam DOE Internal Auditors Lester Kuyendall and Al Erguiza for their work in submitting monthly expenditure reports to U.S. DOE.

Those reports are required by the special conditions placed on all Federal grants awarded to Guam DOE.

Read Maestri Letter to Kuykendall

In his letters Maestri, acknowledges the Guam DOE Internal Auditors “attention to detail and relentless determination to submit timely reports on behalf of the GDOE. Your efforts were instrumental in providing the necessary interim oversight of GDOE operations, which enabled the GDOE to continue to access available ARRA funds while awaiting the initiation of the third-party fiduciary agent’s financial oversight of the organization.”

Read Maestri’s letter to Erguiza

Guam DOE Superintendent Nerissa Underwood also extended her congratulations to Kuykendall and Erguiza on their letters of commendation. In a release she notes that “U.S. DOE could have held back the funds if you did not carry out your duties as required by U.S.DOE,” adding that Guam DOE was “allowed to spend the carryover funds, in spite of the special conditions because of your role as the USDOE designated monitor during that period.”