U.S.M.C. Col. Loynd Honored With Legislative Resolution


Guam – The legislature presented U.S.M.C. Col. Robert Loynd with a resolution Friday recognizing and commending him for the unique accomplishments and outstanding performance of his duties while stationed on Guam.

The resolution was presented to Loynd as a way to say a fond farewell to the Marine Col. who will be departing island on June 10th.

READ the Resolution HERE

Lawmakers recognized Col. Loynd for his tenure as the senior U.S. Marine Corp representative to the island of Guam during a difficult time of uncertainty about the direction and final outcome of the Guam military buildup.

“It behooves us all to continue to work as you have senator (Guthertz) with your committee in a very comprehensive and cooperative way with all agencies to ensure that we have the right outcomes for all concerned in the end and that includes perhaps most importantly the people of Guam,” said Col. Loynd.

After three years on Guam Colonel Loynd is relocating with his family to Washington D.C we too wish him a fond farewell.