USS Frank Cable crew quarantined on ship


The crew of the USS Frank Cable is being quarantined on-ship in light of COVID-19.

 In a letter to the families of the crew, Captain Albert Alarcon says they’re continuing their “sequestration period” to ensure the health and safety of the sailors, civilian mariners, and family members.

Alarcon says that while COVID-19 poses a unique challenge, they’ve implemented numerous measures to keep the crew safe.

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According to the captain, those measures include daily temperature checks and health screenings along with stringent cleanliness standards.

In his letter, the C.O. of the submarine tender assured families that everyone onboard is “safe and doing well.”

There’s no word on anyone aboard the ship who actually tested positive for COVID-19 or is in isolation. It’s also unclear how many days the ship’s crew has been quarantined.

Officials say the Frank Cable, which remains in Apra Harbor, is conducting a planned shipboard maintenance during the sequestration period.