USS Roosevelt Capt. Sardiello posts a message to his crew

Capt. Carlos Sardiello

The following message from USS Roosevelt Capt. Carlos Sardiello to his crew was posted on the USS Theodore Roosevelt’s FaceBook page:

Family and Friends of TR, 

Earlier this week we successfully completed our pilot carrier qualifications and returned to Apra Harbor, Guam to welcome back our remaining Sailors ashore who are medically cleared to return to the ship. Was good to see all the Sailors walking back across the brow again and rejoining the team. CMC greeting them on the peer with a smile, and an encouraging word on a bullhorn.

As I have said from the time I arrived onboard two months ago, we remain focused on ensuring the full recovery of all TR Sailors. For those Sailors who are still not medically cleared to come with us underway, they will continue to be cared for ashore until all are recovered, while we remain on mission.

When Theodore Roosevelt departed from Naval Base Guam today, we manned the rails as a gesture of respect and admiration for the people of Guam for their support and hospitality over the last two months. We are thankful for the dedicated support of Gov. Leon Guerrero, her staff and the people Guam along with our fellow service members on Guam. We owe them all a debt of gratitude that words cannot express.

To this date, since returning TR to sea two weeks ago, we continue to sail and operate with no return of the virus onboard. The Rough Riders and our families’ tenacity and resiliency in the face of uncertainty has been put to the test and met the challenge. We are proud of our Sailors. Now it is time to continue to protect our ability to do our mission and protect our Sailors’ health. We have returned Theodore Roosevelt to sea as a symbol of hope and inspiration, and an instrument of national power. Because, We are TR.

CAPT Carlos Sardiello
Commanding Officer