USS Roosevelt sailor breaks quarantine at Tumon hotel

(Photo by PNC Chief Photographer Allan Balbin)

Rear Admiral John Menoni, the Joint Region Marianas Commander, confirmed during Monday’s online news conference, that there was an incident with a sailor who broke his quarantine at a Tumon hotel.

According to Menoni, that sailor has been moved to Naval Base Guam where a further investigation is being done.

There are now 585 sailors from the USS Theodore Roosevelt who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Positive crew members remain in isolation on Naval Base Guam.

Navy officials say so far 92 percent of sailors aboard the aircraft carrier have been tested. Over 3700 sailors are negative.

Menoni said some 4000 sailors total have been moved from the ship to either the Navy Base or Tumon.

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“Now we have the social distancing capacity needed for the health and recovery of the crew. We can more efficiently continue our next phase of the operation, which includes deep cleaning and sanitization of the ship,” Menoni said.

Menoni would not confirm if any of the new positive cases were sailors in quarantine who initially tested negative.