Utah family quarantined in Guam asks GovGuam for compassion after young mother dies suddenly


A mother of three children has died on Guam and her family in Utah is experiencing difficulties in recovering her body and comforting her immediate family because of quarantine restrictions, ABC4 Utah (KTVX) reported.

Alsup Ellis, 37, and her three children followed her husband Preston to Guam this summer when he relocated to Guam for a job.

In an article by Nick McGurk, ABC4 reported that on Monday, Jayme began throwing up and had a fever. She went to the ER but because of the pandemic, her family couldn’t be with her in the hospital.

Soon, family members told ABC4 that her husband Preston received a phone call informing him that Jayme had died suddenly.

The hospital had previously conducted a COVID-19 test, which came back negative and according to ABC4, hospital officials had said Jayme entered the hospital in stable condition.

Jayme’s parents and siblings traveled from the U.S. and are now in Guam but they are still held in a quarantine facility, ANC4 reported.

Clink on the link below for the full story from ABC4 Utah (KTVX) and the family’s appeal to the government of Guam:

Utah family quarantined in Guam after young mother dies suddenly

GUAM – (ABC 4 News) – Mother Jayme Alsup Ellis, 37, has died in Guam – and her Utah family says as they grapple with the tragedy they are also stuck in the country due to quarantine, even as they try to recover her body and comfort her immediate family and young children.