Vandals Hit George Washington High School

George Washington High School students and faculty members arrived on campus this morning to find trash on the hallways and obscene drawings and writings on the walls. Thankfully, DOE Deputy Superintendent Rob Malay says there were no major damages or items reported stolen.

GW Senior Maria Bansil says, “We weren’t allowed to go to certain areas in the morning because the police had to look at that. I didn’t get to one of my classrooms because they jammed the door somehow. The E-Wing. They had nasty words and nasty drawings.” 
Malay says despite the vandalism, the school was able to open. He says, “The school was able to maintain classes and re-route students to different parts of the campus so they could move forward with cleaning up and getting rid of what the vandals left behind.”
The GW staff was able to patch up the graffiti and clean up during the day, but a senior at the school Maria Bansil says because of this incident, she doesn’t feel safe on campus. 
She says, “Sometimes I wait after school for my ride and I don’t feel like staying here anymore because what had happened and I feel kind of offended because you know I’m graduating and this is my alma mater.” 
She makes these suggestions to prevent vandals from breaking in in the future. “Security cameras or someone patrolling at night but that costs money,” she says. 
The General Services Agency, who’s in charge of the procurement process for the schools’ security equipment, say they’re now looking at bid submissions. 
Malay says, “We’d like to see this moving a little faster. We’ve been waiting a long time. I know we are still moving forward and that’s a good thing. As long as we continue to move forward. We will eventually get there where we have security on campus, all of our schools will, it’s just a matter of time.”