Vandalism Complaint Filed Over Destruction of Cruz-Espaldon Campaign Property


Guam – An aide to Lt. Governor Mike Cruz filed a vandalism complaint with the Guam Police Department over the destruction of Cruz-Espaldon campaign property at the former campaign headquarters in Anigua.

Guam Police Spokesman A.J. Balajadia confirmed that Tony Lujan filed the complaint about 11 pm Thursday night.

The damage was primarily to a billboard and the Cruz-Espaldon sign on that billboard which was above the entrance to the former Cruz-Espaldon Headquarters building in Anigua.

Lujan, who is a Special Assistent to the Lt. Governor,  told PNC News that he noticed the damage Thursday night about 10:30. He stopped and spoke with some Gutierrez volunteers at the scene.

He said the bill board was ripped down, the sign was cut up and defaced.

The building had been taken over earlier in the day  by the Gutierrez-Aguon campaign. And Guiterrez campaign volunteers had been working at the site during the day putting up their own banners. The Gutierrez  campaign said they’ll  use it as a satellite office. It lies less than a half mile down the road from the main Guiterrez-Espaldon Headquarters  which is also in Anigua.

Lt. Governor Mike Cruz told PNC News today that the building was first offered to the Calvo-Tenorio camp which declined.

Lujan says he does not think the Gutierrez volunteers did the damage,  because they told him that they planned on using the billboard themselves and covering it over with their own Gutierrez-Aguon sign, even though a much larger Gutierrez sign was put up yesterday afternoon behind the former billboard.


Gutierrez campaign Treasurer Junior Calvo today issued a statement deploring the “vandalism and destruction of property belonging to the Cruz-Espaldon campaign Thursday night.”  He called it “disturbing and sad.”

Read the entire statement from the Gutierrez camp below:

Statement from Jon Junior Calvo, Treasurer:

Our campaign deplores the vandalism and destruction of property belonging to the Cruz-Espaldon campaign Thursday night.  It is disturbing and sad.

We know that the vast majority of people who are active in political campaigns are civic minded, care about our island, only want what is best for Guam and would never condone what happened last night in Anigua.

We encourage participation in the political process and respect everyone who shows support for their favorite candidates –whether Democrats or Republicans.

We thank our supporters for taking the high road in this campaign.  Stay the course.  Do not allow yourselves to be drawn into activities and behaviors that hurt people and divide our island.

Thank you, Si Yu’os Ma’ase, and Maraming Salamat Po.