VAPPC prioritizes second doses until vaccination supply is restored

Vaccine photo (By Fox Business News)

During their weekly virtual meeting Monday, the Vaccine and Antiviral Prioritization Policy Committee (VAPPC) received updates on Guam’s COVID-19 vaccine allotment.

As reported in JIC Release No. 578, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero secured additional vaccines for the month of March. Vaccines are expected to arrive the first week of March and will include 14,200 Moderna and 21,060 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines.

Due to severe winter weather in the U.S. mainland, the allotment cannot be advanced. February’s remaining vaccine supply will be prioritized for those due for their second dose.

The VAPPC will maintain its current policy on vaccine eligibility until the vaccine supply is restored.

The committee intends to expand eligibility of the COVID-19 vaccine to adults age 50 and older, and the prison population as wards of the state, however, the committee agreed to defer official action until the delivery of the March allocation of 35,260 doses of vaccines.