Varroa Mite Threatens Island’s Honey Bees


Varroa Mite is Same Mite That is Threatening Honey Bees World Wide

Guam – The island’s honey bees are under attack by the same bug that is attacking honey bees worldwide.



Guam’s honey bees are under threat from a parasitic mite. It’s called Varroa mite and it’s a small red mite that actually crawls on the bees. UOG Entomologist Dr. Ross Miller says the Varroa mite lives in the hives with the bees. He says it lives on the bees then pierces them and sucks out their hemolin or bee blood. It is one of the parasites that is implicated in the worldwide decline of bees. UOG Entomologist Dr. Ross Miller says that a UOG student Chris Rosario first found it on Guam. “We didn’t think we had it here we thought we had very clean bees since we are an isolated island but a student here Chris Rosario found it here on Guam we destroyed those hives but it’s probably still on the island,” said Dr. Entomologist

Dr. Miller says they found the Varroa mite in Saipan Tinian and Rota. He says it was in especially high densities on Saipan.