VIDEO: Verona Resort & Spa (Formerly Sherwood) Still Working on New Occupancy Permit Application


Guam – The Verona Resort, formerly the Sherwood hotel, has yet to receive a new occupancy permit but they are complying with the Department of Public Works’ requests.

The owners of the Verona have said that they hold an occupancy permit from the previous owners that they believe is valid however they have agreed to obtain a new one as per DPW’s request.

DPW Deputy Director Carl Dominguez says that late last week a representative of the Verona picked up an occupancy permit application and turned in some architectural drawings to the building permits section.

“Now they’re going through the process and so we’ll give them at least a couple of weeks to go through this process I’ll be following up with them and then this is in preparation for a final inspection and then an eventual new certificate of occupancy,” said Dominguez.

The DPW Deputy Director says that the owners of the Verona are cooperating and he hopes that they will be able to complete the entire occupancy permit application process by the end of November.