Verona Resort employees file complaint over unpaid wages

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Guam – Several Verona Resort Guam employees have filed a complaint with the Guam Department of Labor over unpaid wages.

David Dell’Isola, GDOL director, confirmed that around 17 employees came in and filed a complaint with the department. According to the employees, they did not receive their last paycheck.

“They looked for us to get a remedy and so we took all their statements down, and then we proceeded to call and work with Verona hotel,” Dell’Isola said.

Verona’s failure to pay its employees allegedly stemmed from a delay in a wire transfer from a partner.”They were working on it, and they were going to get it today (Tuesday), and they should have checks paid by this afternoon,” he said.

Dell’Isola said they are keeping tabs on Verona to see if they carry through with paying their employees as stated.

He said before GDOL can do anything the first issue that must be addressed is getting the employees paid. Once resolved, the department will take the next step.

According to Dell’Isola, the department looks at the intent of the business owner – whether malicious or not – to determine if a company is in clear violation of labor laws.

GDOL said they would investigate the frequency of the allegations. If Verona is a repeat violator and the hotel is unable to remedy these actions, then the department has an option to impose a fine.

At this point, the department is taking the necessary steps to ensure that pay less paydays don’t happen again.

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