Veteran-owned wellness center offers alternative approach to relaxation and rejuvenation


“I firmly believe that if we get more veterans to come here, we can alleviate some of the problems that they are going through,” – Latte Stoned Wellness Center client.

Guam – When you walk through the doors of Latte Stoned Wellness Center, prepare to unwind and relax in a unique way.

Khalil Robinson, the owner and founder of Latte Stoned Wellness Center, tells PNC that their mission is to promote mind-body-spirit wellness by offering an array of alternative therapies.

And their therapies are certainly the true gems of the wellness center. After all, where else can you meditate in a room filled with over 3K pounds of pink Himalayan salt?

For Robinson, the wellness center was a labor of love to share with the island.

“After getting out of the military, I was diagnosed with PTSD, bipolar disorder, and depression,” explained Robinson. “So, what I did was look for another way to combat it by myself naturally. I went home [to the United States] and tried float therapy, and heliotherapy…Of course my wife didn’t want to leave her family, so I had to bring it here to keep that levelness and that balance that I had back home.”

But Robinson’s initial idea was not a center for wellness, but rather a small business.

“We started selling at the Mangilao Night Market –just bath bombs, that sort of stuff. And people were coming from the night market looking for our stuff because it helped with Epilepsy and Fibromyalgia,” Robinson said.

From there, the wellness center concept and clientele grew.

At Latte Stoned, they offer salt therapy, oxygen therapy, float therapy, hydrotherapy, and a therapeutic island garden. You can also tailor the therapies to your relaxation preference.

In fact, Jonathan Sevares, a veteran and frequent client of the wellness center tells PNC why Latte Stoned Wellness is his favorite hub for relaxation.

“I’m diagnosed with COPD,” Sevares shared.  “So, I spend a lot of time in the salt cave and I also just have a bunch of muscular issues, from injuries in military. I’ve utilized the float therapy, the foot soak, the salt cave, and then I also used CBD products because CBD is the medicinal form of cannabis of the marijuana plant.”

Sevares explained that he believes the natural method of healing and rejuvenation far outweighs the narcotics he was accustomed to using.

“Narcotics have a long term side effect for prolonged use. It just makes more sense to use a more natural product,” he shared.

Sevares also enjoys the Latte Stoned’s holistic approach. He adds that fellow veterans and active military servicemen and women appreciate the calming environment that the wellness center offers.

“I would recommend veterans to come here, number one to support local veterans. Khalil, the owner, is a veteran and veterans have to stick together. And I firmly believe that if we get more veterans to come here, we can alleviate some of the problems that they are going through,” he said.

For today only, the Latte Stoned Wellness Center is offering a special deal for active duty military and veterans with a 50% off all H2O services with extended hours to 9pm.

You can visit their website at for more information.