Veteran’s Affairs Office Administrator Martin Manglona to Resign Monday


The VAO has been having problems ranging from a $120 thousand dollar water bill to paying employees, however Manglona says he is resigning due to health problems.

Guam – VAO administrator Martin Manglona told lawmakers he would be resigning Monday due to health problems.


 Manglona said this during a legislative oversight of his agency held Thursday night. The VAO has been having problems ranging from a $120 thousand dollar water bill to paying employees. Manglona has had to pay some $30 dollars out of his own pocket for the salaries of some employees since January. Governor’s office spokeswoman Oyaol Ngiririkl told PNC that the paperwork for these employees had not been officially processed by the Department of Administration yet so these employees weren’t officially employed by GovGuam. Thus according to the Governor’s Office, Manglona couldn’t wait and opted to bring the employees on board and pay them out of his own pocket. This also means that Manglona won’t get reimbursed for the salaries he paid out of pocket. Meanwhile Manglona himself says he was hired in April of last year and didn’t get paid until September of last year.

“Mr. Chairman I’m going to leave it up to the administration because Monday is my last day. I’m putting my resignation in. It’s not only work related but because of my health,” said Manglona.

 Manglona told lawmakers that he brought employees on board because with only two employees at the cemetery he would end up having to turn bodies away from the veterans cemetery.//

 Manglona is also disputing a $120 thousand dollar water bill saying that he believes there is an illegal connection from residents near the Veterans Cemetery. However GWA Spokeswoman Heidi Ballendorf told PNC that GWA is unaware of any illegal connection and the agency believes their water bill may be due to faulty lines. Nevertheless Ballendorf says that GWA is looking into Manglona’s claims.