Veteran’s Affairs Office Lack’s Documentation For $3.2 Million Dollar Cemetery Grant


An Office of Public Accountability audit shows that the VAO lacks the propper documentation of things like expenditures and even bids and propossals for a $3.2 million dollar federal grant for the veteran’s cemetery in Piti.

Guam – According to the Office of Public Accountability the Veteran’s Affairs Office on Guam lacked “required procurement documentation” for a $3.2 million dollar federal grant.



 According to an OPA report in July the grant was for the expansion and improvement of the Guam Veterans Cemetery. The Guam Veterans Affairs Office lacked documentation like purchase orders, contracts, vendor invoices and receiving reports. The OPA says the VAO did not provide RFP’s, bids and proposals that they received or even the rationales for the selection or rejection of the bids and proposals received. In other words the VAO could not prove there was full and open competition for their selection of vendors for the expansion of the veteran’s cemetery In addition to this the Department of Administration and the Guam State Clearinghouse were both unaware of this grant. The OPA says GovGuam did not provide a management response to these findings and while they “applaud the prior VAO administrator for obtaining the cemetery grant, the proper protocols were not followed in the administration of the grant.”


  1. This story sort of reminds me of a mechanic presenting a repair bill to the customer and the only thing on it is the amount he/she needs to pay. At best, what went down here seems a bit shady. For all we know, there wasn’t any wrong doing but without any proper documentation, we’ll never know. Maybe an oversight hearing is warranted for the Guam Veterans Affairs Office management?

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