Veteran’s Bill Funding Plan Stirs Heated Debate


Wednesday, Bill 249-36 received heated debate over the reallocation of funding for the Office of of Veterans Affairs.

PNC’s Devin Eligio shares more…

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Bill 249, authored by Senator Taitague, intends to permanently allow the Veterans Affairs Office access all of its appropriation in the fiscal year when the office deems fit.

Indeed, according to Senator Joanne Brown, much more can be done for the Veterans.

In her personal comments, Brown described her experiences with the condition of a cemetery she often visits which is overseen by the Veterans Affairs Office.

Office of Veterans Affairs Director Tim Aguon shared how, in conversations with the Under Secretary of Veterans Affairs and the National Director of Cemeteries, he was able to procure a pre-approved 7 to 8 million dollars to improve and upkeep the Veterans cemeteries on the island.

Speaker Therese Terlaje raised her concern that the OVA’s allotment reserve is in place to cover shortfalls by the end of the fiscal year.

Through the fog of raised voices and the movement of funds, Director Aguon shone light to remind those present of the purpose to be focused on.